I can’t say enough great things about fenugreek!

When I was a small kid, I was probably the skinniest person in my whole family, my appetite was in ruin and I was laughed at by nearly everyone at school, a lot of teachers even took pity and treated me as the “special” kid who needed extra protection.

Fast forward to college, I met my husband and soon realized that my small breasts, which haunted me my whole life, will now destroy it!

I was completely scared I may lose my husband and will have no chance of satisfying him because of my small boobs.

My marriage wasn’t the best, I was the rotten person in the relationship, never happy and always nagging!

Then came our first child and with it lots of more neglect to my husband, then I found out that he was watching porn while I was asleep, and to add insult to injury, he was watching big breasted women.

I had many fights with the husband and soon we settled things down, I knew I was neglecting him and I had to find a solution.

Then begun my journey into finding a “miracle” for my small breasts, my sister had surgery and she wasn’t feeling so well, in fact, shortly after her breast augmentation surgery, she decided to remove her implants, many doctors told her about cancer risks.

It was at that time that my grandmother suggested me to use fenugreek, and other herbs you’ll discover in this website, I tried many recipes for natural breast growth and I succeeded.

I’m going to be honest with you, nothing is easy, especially increasing your breast size naturally, however, if you know what to do, you’ll succeed, no matter what your size is.

I’ll share with you everything I know about natural breast growth and if you need help, just use the contact me page to reach me, I will be very happy to help you.

By the way, I was born in a French speaking family in a small town in Quebec, Canada, then moved and lived in France, then back to Quebec, meaning that my English is a little rusty, forgive me if you find a typo here or there, didn’t mean to.