I’m going to share with you my 17 most effective tips for using fenugreek and saw palmetto for rapid breast growth and firmness that are very safe and extremely easy to follow.

Here are the things you are going to discover:

Fenugreek Seeds And Saw Palmetto For Breast Enlargement

One of the healthiest plants you can take for increasing your breast size are fenugreek and saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto lowers DHT in the body which increases eastrogen’s effects on the body and thus increases breast tissue stimulation and growth.

They are not only going to provide you with many nutrients and minerals your body requires daily, but are also going to provide you with essential phytoestrogens.

These are very important to increasing your breast size and firmness, and also look more feminine and attractive!

And here, I’m talking about becoming sexier through increasing the beautiful roundness in your body that are so attractive to guys!

Yes, these two plants are known to increase your breasts size dramatically, and yes, these two plants do really work!

I’ve tried them for a long time, and I know from experience that they work.

I’ve advised many women and men (yes, some so many guys are, due to their sexual nature, trying to increase their breast size) alike to start using them to increase their size and firmness very rapidly.

They have all have reported larger and firmer boobs, one of my female friends even reported having “impressive” results in just two weeks!

Yes, very large boobs!

However, an important question most women do not have an answer to is: how much fenugreek and saw palmetto is required to increase breast size naturally, quickly and more importantly, safely?

Fenugreek And Saw Palmetto Benefits For Your Breast

First, you need to understand that fenugreek and saw palmetto are going to increase your breast size by engorging them with liquid and fats.

This is an extremely import fact you need to understand; these two plants won’t add muscle mass (meat so to speak) or skin to your breasts, they are going to add liquids and more importantly, encourage fat storage and buildup in your breasts which is how they increase your boobs’ size and firmness so rapidly.

It’s because they are going to safely increase the effects of estrogen in your body, as these plants are rich in phytohormones that are similar in their molecular structure to the hormone responsible for breast tissue growth in the female body.

This is the same hormone that’s going to help give you a more feminine, curvy, and a “sexy” figure.

My Before And After Breast Transformation

In the past, I used to be teased a lot about my breasts; I have heard them all.

I was called a washboard, boy, boobless girl.

And I have been laughed at by so many of my friends.

At 17, I have lost count!

This is just to tell you that I know what it feels like to be teased and to have absolutely no breast growth under my chest.

Natural breast growth and enlargement is possible, you will need the how, which you’ll learn here in this article and website and dedication, I have done it and you can do it too.

Throughout my life, I became an expert in padded bars, and needless to tell you that my mom always told me that no man would love me for I had small boobs/I looked like a boy!

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Anyway, fast forward, about six years ago, when I began researching how to increase my breast size naturally, I begun using both fenugreek and saw palmetto as cream and lo and behold, everything changed and so rapidly.

In a matter of a few months, I gained more than two cups in breast size.

Before, I used to wear a 32A boyish bra, but after supplementation with fenugreek and daily saw palmetto cream usage, I started feeling more comfortable in 34C.

Now, I wear my 34c perfectly, and I can’t be happier, my husband feels great being with me, and he never hides his warm feelings from me.

It’s so strange, but men are very vocal when it comes to their sex drive, especially when dealing with such a sensitive topic for them as boobs.

My husband nowadays compliments me all the time about being the “nicest” and most attractive woman, but deep down, I know what he means.

He likes to have me all by himself and loves to be with me.

This is all thanks to my breasts.

So, I won’t lie to you and tell you that beauty comes from the inside, which is true, but when dealing with men and women as well, beauty is very superficial.

For example, before increasing my breast size, I was always “ignored” by other girls.

Yes, I was strange, I didn’t like what other girls liked, movies, music, and makeup, but deep down, I felt that my boobs had everything to do with my situation.

And to tell you the truth, many girls told me in the past that they didn’t feel comfortable being with a flat-chested girl such as myself!

Yep, I was driving hunks away!

Phyto-Hormones Are Going To Engorge Your Breast Tissue With Liquid And Fat

Trust me, even though you keep hearing all over the news and different mainstream media that estrogen and progesterone are very dangerous for female health.

As they may contribute to elevated cancer risk, the hormones found in saw palmetto and fenugreek are very safe because they aren’t identical to estrogen produced by the female body, they are phytoestrogens!

Scientifically speaking, fenugreek has been used as an anticancer agent, just read the following study:


In other words, they are plant estrogens; they may have the same effects. Still, they do not have the same side effects; in fact, many scientists think that phytoestrogens are very protective of female health and are going to prevent diseases such as ovarian and breast cancer in the long run.

Many researches have proven that regular consumption of phytoestrogens after having breast cancer surgery was associated with a lower risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer again!

For fenugreek, the main phytoestrogens are gitogenin, yamogenin, diosgenin, and tigogenin. For saw palmetto, it reduces testosterone and DHT effects on the body, anti-androgen effect, which gives a chance for your breast tissue to react more to estrogen and phytoestrogen found in fenugreek.

Check out these web pages for more information:



How much fenugreek and saw palmetto do you need in order to increase your breast size?

The answer is very simple; you need at least two teaspoons a day of ground fenugreek seeds, or six fenugreek supplement capsules.

And applying at least one tablespoon saw palmetto cream before going to bed to your breast to see positive and “impressive” results.

One more very important idea you need to understand is that each woman is different; I give you these amounts because they worked for me.

But I do encourage you to try more if possible, this will not only give you faster results, but it will also force your breasts to grow in size even if you firmly believe that you are a lost case!

I say this because I was like this throughout my whole life; I have always thought that my breasts would never increase in size or firmness.

but they did when I started using fenugreek and other amazing herbs I talk about on this website, so I want you to experiment and add more fenugreek every day and see how much increase you’ll get.

Can you eat fenugreek seeds for breast enlargement?

Although fenugreek tea may taste great and may even give the idea of being the perfect drink for natural breast growth, there’s a better solution and it’s to consume ground fenugreek seeds.

Of course, yes, after all, fenugreek is a known spice in many countries.

And its consumption has been documented in many cookbooks and even travel diaries in history.

I prefer to use it as a spice, by the way, using curry is the best way to add more fenugreek to your diet, since it has fenugreek as the main ingredient, and thus increase your chances of developing more breast growth.

You can also add half a teaspoon to your cooked recipes, it goes very well with potatoes, of course, here we are talking about ground fenugreek seeds and not whole seeds since they can’t be digested correctly by our intestines when they aren’t ground.

How long does it take for fenugreek and saw palmetto to increase breast size?

To get larger boobs using fenugreek and saw palmetto, it’s very easy; you need to apply the right techniques and the right dedication.

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I always tell my readers that everything will work if you give it the right amount of time, breast growth is no difference, so, how long before seeing good and positive results?

It depends largely on your diet and your dedication, but if you use the techniques shared in this post, within 15 days of daily use, you’ll start to notice breast growth and firmness.

At first, your breast will become firmer, and within one week, you’ll start to notice a little discomfort when touching your breasts, some women may even describe a sensation close to pain, don’t worry, it will pass quickly.

After three weeks of use, your breasts will start to look firmer and larger as well.

How much increase should you expect?

Of course, results can vary and a lot, but from my experience, you should expect a minimum of one cup to two cups in growth if you apply all the techniques described in this post, this also depends on your diet and stress level.

So, as a way to increase breast growth and firmness, I want you yo start practicing a relaxing activity such as yoga or even taking long walks while listening to music, I do yoga once a week, and my boobs have been extra firm and perky for the last three years.

What’s the best time to take fenugreek for breast enlargement?

In the morning, after fully waking up and having your breakfast.

Because ground fenugreek seeds may have an unpleasant taste according to many women, I prefer that you only take them on a full stomach, never on an empty one.

And remember, always with a large glass of water.

How to drink fenugreek powder for breast enlargement?

Many women ask me about drinking fenugreek water for breast growth; in other words, soaking fenugreek seeds overnight and drinking the water in the morning, with or without discarding the seeds.

I don’t recommend this because you’ll be wasting valuable nutrients found in fenugreek seeds that only grinding can release them.

Of course, after grinding the seeds, interaction with oxygen molecules in the air can deteriorate many nutrients, but their bioavailability will also increase.

My advice is always to use ground fenugreek seeds for breast growth, never use fenugreek water or even fenugreek tea, which is great but not as great as ground fenugreek seeds.

So, here is how I drink fenugreek every day:

After breakfast, I take one teaspoon of ground fenugreek seeds, and I put it in my mouth, then without chewing or even tasting it, I swallow with a large glass of water, then I repeat the same steps for the second teaspoon.

Using fenugreek sprouts for breast enlargement

Fenugreek sprouts are very rich in terms of antioxidants and minerals, but as far as breast growth, they are weak in comparison to the ground fenugreek seeds.

I do not use them, and I consider their use a waste of time since you could get amazing growth by taking ground fenugreek seeds instead.

Mind you, I’m not saying that they don’t work at increasing breast growth, compared to other herbs, they are amazing as well, but can’t be compared to ground fenugreek seeds in terms of both breast growth and firmness.

What about using fenugreek oil for breast enlargement?

Stay away from ingesting fenugreek oil, it can cause serious stomach troubles ranging from irritations to even diarrhea and pain.

Fenugreek oil is very powerful in terms of breast growth and firmness; however, I do not recommend you ingest it, drink it, so to speak, because it’s very powerful and can cause different stomach issues, ranging from small discomforts to even diarrhea and pain.

The best way to use fenugreek oil for breast enlargement and growth is to simply mix one teaspoon with one teaspoon olive oil and use it as a night cream.

This way, you get all the amazing benefits of fenugreek in terms of breast growth and firmness while applying a skin-safe oil that’s easily absorbed, which is olive oil.

Fenugreek capsules for breast enlargement

Of course, for convince’ sake, you can use fenugreek capsules and pills to increase breast growth, although I have always liked using ground fenugreek seeds, I’m not saying that fenugreek capsules don’t work, it’s just that there are so many “not so good” brands which I do not trust and which may cause more harm than good.

Don’t worry, I will share with you my favorite and, in my opinion, the most efficient fenugreek pill brand for breast enlargement, but for now, just understand that ground fenugreek seeds are way more powerful at breast enlargement and firmness.

How many milligrams should breast enlargement fenugreek capsules contain?

At least 610 mg, if not greater. Six capsules a day, spread throughout your three major meals, of course, never on an empty stomach.

You see, when consuming ground fenugreek seeds, you can easily reach six grams with each teaspoon, and it’s the most optimal dosage, in my opinion, for great breast growth and firmness results.

However, when it comes to capsules and pills because they use extracts most of the time, which are way more concentrated, 610 mg is the sweet spot.

of course, you can use greater amounts, but if you are just beginning, 610 mg should be more than enough.

Fenugreek dosage for male breast enlargement

A lot of guys have asked me over the years about the best herbal solution for increasing their breast size.

to this question, I have always answered the following:

both fenugreek and saw palmetto, a combination of oral intake of these two herbs, were the best in terms of results and safety as well.

For now, let me talk a little about fenugreek:

If you are a man trying to increase your breast size, then your fenugreek intake should be at least eight capsules a day, spread throughout the three major meals, 610mg minimum each capsule.

And for saw palmetto, two capsules a day, 585 mg minimum each with a large glass of water, of course.

The best fenugreek and saw palmetto capsules’ brand

I have tried 17 brands in the past; most did well.

Still, the reality is that some few were very dangerous because they use highly concentrated extracts, which caused me some serious stomach, and one even nearly destroyed my liver.

And this is the reason why I love to use ground fenugreek seeds instead of capsules.

The brand I use and trust now is Nature’s Way, I use both its fenugreek and saw palmetto capsules, and they’re the ones I always recommend to my readers.

This is the most important saw palmetto and fenugreek dosage to always have in mind to increase your breast size safely and effectively.

3 side effects of using fenugreek and saw palmetto for breast enlargement

You should always keep in mind that consuming powerful herbs can be dangerous for your health.

I’ve experienced this myself, and I’ve had some troubles with taking too much fenugreek in the past, you should, in general, avoid taking more than two tablespoons a day of fenugreek and one teaspoon a day of saw palmetto.

I do not recommend ingesting saw palmetto; you should add this amount to one tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil to make a healthy breast growth cream, let everything rest for two hours and apply to your breasts overnight.

It can cause a rash, diarrhea, and even dizziness in some extreme situations, and as far as fenugreek, a strong maple smell during the first five days of use is going to occur.

nothing to worry about though, just use a good soap or shower gel, taking daily showers the first week should get rid of the smell and please, never take fenugreek on an empathy stomach and always with a large glass of water.

How to apply fenugreek paste on your breast

The same recipe can be used for making a fenugreek breast growth cream/paste.

Simply take one teaspoon ground fenugreek seeds and mix it with one tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil for a cream resembling result.

Every night, apply at least one teaspoon to each one of your breasts and massage gently for a minimum of two minutes, then wipe using a clean paper towel.

This is more than enough to make your skin absorb the amazing nutritious elements found in ground fenugreek seeds.

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How to use fenugreek seeds for curvy hips and butt

This paste is also very effective for increasing curves and love handles; here, I’m referring to increasing your butt size and hips with fenugreek.

Besides taking ground fenugreek seeds orally, if you want to increase your hips and butt size, you need to start applying this cream every night, same technique.

A bonus technique: Using flaxseed and fenugreek for breast growth

Both flax and fenugreek seeds are excellent for breast growth, but combining them can be a little difficult since fenugreek seeds can overpower flax seeds in terms of taste, and it’s also notorious for being very difficult to swallow.

So, as a solution, I want you to start making a flax and fenugreek smoothie every day; it tastes nice since fenugreek’s taste can also be very powerful and will help you with breast growth as well.

Here are the ingredients I use:

  • Half a cup soy milk
  • One whole ripe banana
  • One teaspoon ground flaxseeds
  • Half a teaspoon ground fenugreek seeds
  • Three pitted dates
  • And two large tablespoons raw honey

Blend everything on high for one minute and enjoy.

Before we end this article!

One more thing: always drink a lot of water, at least one liter in the morning and another liter after lunch.

You must understand that fenugreek and saw palmetto work at increasing your breast size because they are going to help your breasts get engorged with liquid, and if you are dehydrated, you are not going to see positive results.

You are simply going to stay the same, and if they are not taken with an adequate amount of water, they can start causing side effects.

That’s why I highly recommend that you drink at least five cups of water every single day, yes, five cups of water!

It may seem like a huge amount, but five cups of water are the minimum required amount if you can not have two liters a day of water, you just cannot do without it.

If you need more explanations or have a question about using fenugreek and saw palmetto for increasing your breast size, please post a comment below or use the contact page to write me an email, I’d be more than glad to answer it as soon as possible.