You will learn how to prepare and use fenugreek paste to increase your breast size and get natural growth and firmness!

You will also discover a powerful homemade fenugreek cream for breast enlargement, growth and firmness, that I have personally been using for the past six years with great success, that’s both easy to prepare and long-lasting in terms of effects on your boobs, in other words, it will increase your breast size dramatically and for a very long time.

First, here are the things you are going to learn in this post:

Indeed, I will share with you my guaranteed recipe to not only increase your breasts size rapidly, but to also get an amazing firmness and perk in less than two weeks, yes, you’ve read right, fifteen days.

Fenugreek’s Benefits For Your Breast

Whole fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek isn’t just going to increase your breast size and add more firmness, but it’s also going to protect your body against different diseases and risk factors.

Fenugreek isn’t only going to increase your breast size and firmness, but it also acts as a protective herb.

And here, I’m talking about cancer!

I know that this may seem like a bold statement, trust me; it’s backed by science and thousands of years of use.

Unlike most websites which are going to recommend different supplements and synthetic ingredients for breast growth and firmness, I don’t because I believe in the power of plants and their abilities to heal us and in the case of fenugreek, make us look more attractive.

You see, instead of using a pill or a synthetic cream that’s been manufactured in a foreign country and shipped for months and thousands of miles to your home, I want you to use whole fenugreek seeds.

Whenever you’d like to use herbs on your body, try to process them as little as possible to stay away from oxygen damages and to lose their strength over long processing times.

When you use whole fenugreek seeds, it’s not like using extracts or highly processed fenugreek powder; you’ll be using a wholesome herb that will give you more protection and nourishing experience, meaning that instead of just increasing your breast size, you’ll also increase firmness and skin tone, which will give you more perk and lift.

One more thing, fenugreek has been used both as a staple food and medicinally by humans for thousands of years.

In fact, in many parts of the world, it’s an essential ingredient in local cuisine.

This means that our bodies are genetically accustomed to this herb and allergies to it are rare, to my knowledge.

As far as cancer is concerned, many studies have pointed out to fenugreek’s amazing protective benefits not just to breast and ovarian cancer, but to also different other cancer types.

For more information, please read the following study by the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, link here .

You are going to learn how fenugreek contains anticancer agents that are not only very protective against different types of cancers, but it can also lower cancer risks tremendously.

Does Fenugreek Increase Breast Size?

Of course, it does, it’s rich in phytoestrogens!

Have you heard about these plant hormones before?

Well, they are very similar in terms of molecular structure to female hormones, yes, the ones responsible for causing and increasing breast growth and development and unlike their human counterpart.

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They are very safe on our bodies since they are protective of our breast and ovarian tissues and are accredited with many anticancer benefits as well.

For more information, read the following (paid) articles on the health and anticancer effects of phytoestrogens:

And although these articles deal with soy and its derived products, you need to understand that both fenugreek and soy share many common compounds which are phytoestrogens.

This is also the reason why I keep telling my readers who are interested in increasing their breast size and growth to consume more soy foods, especially soy milk since they are very rich in many different phytoestrogens.

This video explains how soy’s phytoestrogens protect against cancer cells, and as a reminder, fenugreek is also loaded with these plant hormones as well:

My Before And After Results

When I started using fenugreek for breast enlargement, about four years ago, I was too skinny and my breasts were too small, even for my skinny body.

I was barely making 32A, and after about two months, I reached 34C.

Of course, this didn’t happen by me popping some pills in my mouth every day and calling it a day!

I pushed myself, changed my mindset and my diet and focused on the herbs which are the most efficient, the ones you are going to learn about here.

Fenugreek’s Biggest Side Effect

Before we start with how to prepare our breast enlargement fenugreek paste, we need to talk about a very important subject that’s concerning to a large majority of fenugreek users.

Most women who have tried fenugreek in the past have confessed that it made their bodies smell horrible, and yes, this is very true since fenugreek is extremely rich in phytonutrients that are going to affect the way your sweat smell.

Indeed, most fenugreek users will report a pungent maple syrup smell during the first two weeks of use.

The question now is: is fenugreek smell dangerous? Is it a bad sign that something is not okay with your body?

Absolutely not.

First of all, fenugreek smell isn’t dangerous; it comes from the essential molecules and flavonoids found in fenugreek seeds.

Second of all, it means that fenugreek is starting to spread in your body, which is an excellent sign if you ask me.

And to get rid of it, it’s not that difficult, take a good shower once every two days, use a good shower gel and apply deodorant before going out!

And if you ask me: which is better, having fenugreek smell and hiding it using a good deodorant or having tiny breasts, I will go with the first option every single time!

How To Make Fenugreek Paste For Breast Enlargement

Fenugreek paste for breast enlargement

A good fenugreek paste for breast enlargement, of course, after straining, should look creamy, this is the reason why you can also use coconut oil. In the picture, coconut oil was used with some vitamin E oil drops to add long shelf life to the cream and to keep it out of the fridge, but this is completely optional.

One way to avoid the maple syrup smell problem is to use fenugreek paste for breast enlargement.

By fenugreek paste, I mean to prepare fenugreek in a way that you can apply directly on your breasts, as a topical cream.

However, I need to warn you that this recipe is not as efficient as consuming fenugreek seeds and supplements; however, it’s completely odourless, because when you are done, you can simply clean or wash your body and the smell will disappear!

If you want my honest opinion, here is what I’d ask you to do:

Make the homemade fenugreek cream and apply it, and every morning, I want you to swallow a minimum of two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds, after breakfast with a large glass of water.

This is the most optimum way to use fenugreek for breast enlargement, and it works every single time.

So, here are the ingredients you are going to need to prepare this powerful and very healthy fenugreek cream for breast enlargement, by the way, this recipe is going to last you for a week in the fridge:

  1. Ten tablespoons of fenugreek seeds
  2. Ten tablespoons of olive oil
  3. Four teaspoons of ground saw palmetto berries, this is an amazing ingredient for breast enlargement, however, if you do not have it, it’s completely optional, and you can use ground fenugreek seeds alone, but if you can get it, it’s going to increase your breasts size considerably and in a very short time, and if you decide to use, you should use fourteen tablespoons of olive oil instead of ten.

Let’s Prepare Our Fenugreek Cream:

First of all, inspect your fenugreek seeds thoroughly; they may contain rocks and even insects!

My Free report shows you a guaranteed, step by step system to increase your breast size in 3 weeks or less!
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When you are done, use a good spice grinder and process them, for at least 3 minutes, until they are very powdery.

You don’t have to roast them since this will destroy many phytonutrients in the seeds.

Then add the saw palmetto ground berries, next, mix in the ground fenugreek seeds and put in a dry bowl, add to them the olive oil, and start mixing with a large spoon until they are very consistent and very smooth in texture, there should be no lumps.

You need to leave your paste in the fridge for a minimum of three days; this will ensure that the oil will absorb the essential nutrients in the ground fenugreek seeds.

Now, you have two options:

You can leave your paste as it is and use it every night; however, it feels very “sandy and grainy”, and I’m sure that most won’t like it.


You can use a fine stainless steel strainer, and filter only the oil after three days, and that’s what you’ll be applying to your chest every night.

Of course, the first option will be much more efficient since the more you leave the ground fenugreek seeds in the oil, the more they’ll release their essential nutrients, however, how you feel is also very important.

It’s really up to you.

Olive Oil And Fenugreek Seeds

This DIY fenugreek cream calls for olive oil because it’s one of the friendliest fatty substances you can use on your skin, it absorbs very easily.

In most women, it won’t cause side effects or allergies; it’s also extremely cheap and available year long.

The only problem I see with it is the paste won’t last for a long time, only a week, in the fridge, as olive oil doesn’t contain a lot of vitamin E, at least compared to other oils and fats you can use on your skin.

However, if you’d like to get a much longer-lasting homemade fenugreek cream, up to three weeks, then replace the olive oil with coconut oil.

Keep the same dosage as well, as the latter contains more vitamin E, which is a very powerful and natural conserving agent.

Coconut oil is also very healing and strengthening for your skin, which is always great.

Fenugreek Capsules To Make Breast Enlargement Cream

I have heard of many women taking fenugreek capsules, opening them up and using their content to make this breast enhancement cream.

This will also work, and as a reference, for every tablespoon of ground fenugreek seeds, you’ll need at least five fenugreek capsules, since these are more concentrated in phytoestrogens than ground fenugreek seeds which tend to contain more fibre.

The same also applies to saw palmetto; one tablespoon equals five capsules.

The thing is ground fenugreek seeds are way cheaper and won’t cost you a tenth of what the capsules will, but you’re free, and I know that the pills are more convenient and easier to use.

How To Apply Fenugreek Paste On Your Breast

Now, let’s talk about applying this fenugreek lotion to your breasts to increase both size and firmness.

I highly recommend that you massage your breasts with this cream for a minimum of three minutes every single night before going to bed, apply it in your hands, one teaspoon for each boob, and massage gently and without using too much pressure.

Make sure you also use it on your nipples, and then leave it for a minimum of 30 minutes, one hour would be perfect; it will give you the best results.

When you are done, use a dry paper towel and clean everything.

Both the olive and coconut oil are very efficient at extracting the active compounds in saw palmetto and fenugreek; however, many cheap brands offer second-grade fats which are not suitable for skin use, that’s why you need to always look for organic oils, they are by far the safest for your skin and richest in terms of vitamin E.

Fenugreek And Nipples’ Size And Shape

Because fenugreek is very rich in plant hormones, the ones that mimic the female hormones, you will notice a large change in the size and shape of your nipples when you start applying this cream daily.

First, your breasts may become a little sensitive and sometimes even painful, if they do, it means that you are using lots of pressure when massaging.

You need to stop applying the cream for a minimum of one week until your breasts get accustomed to your massage routine, don’t worry as this will pass after about two weeks in most cases.

Your nipples will become sensitive, and you may even notice a change in your libido, a major increase, at least that’s what happened to many women who have tried this cream and me.

Your nipples will also look different since they will gain a more prominent shape.

How To Use Fenugreek Paste For Saggy Breasts

One of the most common issues women suffer from is breasts’ sagging and losing firmness and lift, especially with age or breastfeeding.

This happened to me in the past; after all, I have breastfed three kids.

And to tell you the truth, this pushed my breasts to the limit, in terms of stretch marks and sagginess as well.

I won’t lie to you, breastfeeding, aging and losing weight rapidly are the main reason for losing breasts’ lift and firmness.

However, with the right maintenance, this can be remedied, and you can give your breasts a boost in terms of lift and firmness.

Here are the same steps I have been doing and to tell you the truth, they took about three months for me to show results, but I can tell you that I’m extremely happy and my breasts look like those of a 22 years old young woman, firm and very perky, my husband can’t get enough!

Yes, they were very small at the beginning, which helped them perk up and get firmer, but I have shared these steps with dozens of women who have breastfed many children and or lost weight rapidly, and they have all reported a great improvement in terms of lift and perk.

So, here is what to do:

First of all, apply the fenugreek lotion I showed you earlier in this post, every night, before going to bed, but instead of 30 minutes, I want you to apply it and leave it for at least 50 minutes, one hour would be excellent.

Second of all, get saw palmetto!

This is a must if you’d like to make a fenugreek cream for firming and lifting your breast, it will tone your skin more and give your breasts a rapid perk.

Now, comes the exercise part.

Breast Firming Exercises

Breast firming knee pushup excercise

Knee pushups are one of the most gentle yet efficient exercises to increase breast firmness, lift and perk rapidly.

Certainly, there are hundreds of exercises to practice every day that will tone and lift your breasts, but the truth is that most are very difficult to do and will require a long prep time every single day.

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I do either wall push-ups or knee push-ups, also called modified push-ups, they’re the best in my opinion, and they’re also extremely easy to practice.

Especially if you don’t like going to gyms and practising in front of a lot of people, like myself!

In this section, I will show you how to do proper knee push-ups to increase breast firmness and lift; they’re extremely beneficial since they use your body weight to create resistance, especially in the chest area, they work your chest wall muscles, more specifically your pectoral muscles, and they also train your back and upper arm muscles, triceps muscles.

Follow these steps to do a perfect knee push up that’s going to increase breast firmness and lift rapidly:

  1. Place yourself on your hands and knees , your eyes should be looking at the floor
  2. Position your hands a little greater than shoulder-width apart and your knees apart to support your upper weight and to give you balance
  3. Tighten your abdominal muscles (belly)
  4. Very slowly lower your chest until your chin reaches the floor, the descent should take about two to three seconds
  5. Again, slowly return to your starting position
  6. Repeat

Watch the following video to learn how to do it:

Every morning, I do a minimum of fifteen push-ups, and I call it a day, this will keep my chest muscles tight and my breasts firm.

Of course, many will argue that knee push-ups are a little too easy and won’t work the upper body that much, to those I say that I am not interested in building muscles, I want my boobs to not fall to the ground!

Please, if you have a question on how to make or use this powerful and breasts enlarging and firming fenugreek cream, don’t hesitate to send me an email, go to the contact page.

Or even better, post it as a comment in the section below, I will do my best to answer it quickly.