In this post, I’m going to show you how to use fenugreek for male breast enlargement, what steps to follow and what other herbs to take to give a man large breasts.

I’m a woman, but I have helped hundreds of men increase their breasts size.

Here, I will have no prejudice and no intentions to harm you; I have been helping both men and women increase their breast size since 2013 when I started this blog, and my aim from the very first start was to share with men and women what I have learned that helped me increase my breast size naturally, without surgery and cheaply as well.

If you truly want to learn how to grow male breasts quickly, then you have to read this post completely to get the whole picture and to understand the routine hundreds of men have used to increase their breast volume and size fast.

I will share with you what works and what doesn’t and most importantly, what to stay away from.

Fenugreek Dosage for Male Breast Enlargement

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds will help men increase their breast size, however, this takes efforts and a know how which you’ll learn in this post.

I have been asked the following question over and over for more than five years now:

How much fenugreek should a man take to increase his breast size?

Well, that’s what I’m going to reveal to you, and it’s much more complicated than it seemed!

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that it’s easy and, as a man, you can grow larger breasts overnight, this is not true, and you won’t hear it from me.

What I’m going to reveal to you is the same advice hundreds of guys, and I have been using to increase our breast size, nothing more and nothing less.

In just a few sections, I’m going to reveal to you the right fenugreek dosage to use for male breast enlargement; this can also work great for men who want to grow female breasts.

Fenugreek and Male Breast Growth

Fenugreek is an extremely powerful estrogenic plant; in other words, it contains large amounts of phytoestrogens.

These plant hormones are the ones responsible for increasing breasts size in males and causing them to grow naturally and rapidly when used properly.

The real challenge isn’t the possibility of growing male breasts; if you only use a few of the tips I will share with you in this post, you will grow breasts, without a single doubt.

The real challenge, in my opinion, is the “how to do it” part, that’s where men struggle the most when they want to increase their breast size and get a gorgeous cleavage.

You see, although fenugreek is very rich in phytoestrogens, most men simply don’t know how to use it properly, they think that by popping some few pills once in a while, they are going to get large boobs!

It’s not how it works.

For a man to grow beautiful breasts, he needs to lower testosterone conversion levels without affecting his sex drive and overall health.

At the same time, he needs to take phytoestrogen-rich herbs or capsules to get breast growth underway and to start shaping his breasts like those of a woman.

It’s not easy, but I know how to do it, and I will show you how.

Male Breasts, Before and After Results

For me, increasing my breast size was extremely difficult because I had to learn everything from scratch.

I tried new herbal remedies every single month, and I kept reading many internet reviews and trying cheap products to see which ones work and which don’t.

To this day, I have nearly tried over 60 products, and unfortunately, the large majority is filled with fluff!

And some are even dangerous and can lead to the hospital from day one!

When it comes to increasing your breasts size as a man, a few herbs are going to stand out, and these are the ones we are going to use.

Before I begin my breasts enlargement efforts, I was barely a 32A in cups size, as a woman, that’s plain boyish if you ask me, in fact, I was mocked in school, beaches, swimming pools, parties and even at work for my small boobs!

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By the end of the second month of using the herbs you’ll read about in this post, I was comfortably 34C!

People didn’t recognize me, and my husband was the happiest!

A True Male Breast Enlargement Story (with Pictures)

Male breast growth

Sorry guys, my photo editing skills are terrible, anyway, these are some of the pictures Amber sent me that show the beginning of her journey to grow male breasts to her dream cup size.

A dear friend of mine calls himself Amber and ever since he was young, he wanted to be a woman, to feel like a woman and of course, to have breasts like a woman.

When he started his breast enlargements journey, he was 28A in cup size, and now, he is more than 32C.

He told me that he was suffering from gynecomastia for over a decade, and he just grew fond of his breasts, and he wanted to increase them even more.

These are his own words:

“For me to have the breasts I have always dreamed of and always wanted, which is a C cup, would be the ultimate dream come true.”

“It would feel like finally, I have what women take for granted and expect to have, as breasts are one of the many attributes that women have to show that they are females.”

And when I asked him about surgery, here is what he told me:

“The thought of things going wrong later with all the problems I have seen on TV, with implants leaking and people dying because of complications, poisoning etc. I am not even considering this option.”

So, for him, increasing his male breasts needed to be done only with herbs.

Can a Male Grow Female Breasts?

Let’s be completely honest; if you are hoping to grow female breasts as Kate Upton and only using natural ingredients, then, you must be dreaming!

If that’s your aim, then, this post will never help you.

Enlarging male breasts naturally requires a lot of dedication, yes, it can be done, a man can grow female breasts; however, you need to have valid expectations.

For my friend Amber, reaching a C cup size is a valid goal, and he’s near accomplishing it, however, if a man tells me that he wants DD, then I will simply tell him to look for a good plastic surgeon.

Why Fenugreek Works at Increasing Male Breast Size?

Fenugreek is undoubtedly the most commonly herbal galactogogue, in other words, an herbal remedy which increases breast milk flow in nursing mothers, you can read more here: .

As such, it also can be used successfully to increase liquid retention in your breasts, whether you are a male or female.

Male to Female Breast Growth

And this is also why fenugreek is often used with male to female (mtf or m2f) breast enlargement with great success.

And as mentioned before, fenugreek is also a powerful estrogenic plant, in other words, it increases the levels of estrogen in the body which promotes breasts growth and development in males when taken in the appropriate amounts.

How to Use Fenugreek for Male Breasts Enlargement

There are not many different ways to use fenugreek when it comes to male breast enlargement; the truth is that most techniques are going to waste a lot of potential benefits!

Men who want to grow female breasts should start using fenugreek this way:

Consuming a minimum of two tablespoons a day of ground fenugreek seeds

As a man, you have to understand that you are already at a big disadvantage, your body is filled with testosterone which is going to reduce fenugreek’s phytoestrogens.

Later on, I’m going to show you how to even increase these estrogenic plant hormones in your blood stream very safely, but for now, you need to understand that using one or two fenugreek capsules a day isn’t going to cut it!

What I’m saying here is going to sound excessive, but it’s the truth, trust me, I have helped hundreds of men and crossdressers with natural breast enlargement, and the best thing that works is to flood your body with phytoestrogens, and fenugreek is one of the best herbs to use for this task.

To win at natural breast growth, you need to use the right amount of ground fenugreek seeds, and you need to take it this way:

Every morning, when you wake up, I want you to drink one cup of water, then, have your breakfast, after that, I want you to simply swallow two tablespoons of ground fenugreek seeds, without chewing them and without “enjoying” them since they tend to be very bitter.

Of course, swallow them with a minimum of one cup of water.

Fenugreek Capsules for Increasing Male Breast Size

I have always told my readers that I prefer they use ground fenugreek seeds instead of fenugreek capsules and other supplements.

It’s because they are more wholesome and are also loaded with other beneficial compounds and minerals such as antioxidants, flavonoids, and iron.

However, grinding your fenugreek seeds or using already pre-ground powder can be very inconvenient, especially if you are very busy or not in the mood to do it yourself!

This is the reason why I have started to shift towards either using ground fenugreek seeds or a good supplement.

But, the real challenge is what fenugreek supplement brand to use for male breast enlargement?

After trying more than 17 brands so far, I can say without a single doubt that Nature’s Way 610 mg capsules are the best in terms of effects and the least side effects as well.

How Many Fenugreek Capsules to Use for Male Breast Enlargement?

Every morning, after breakfast, to avoid side effects and other stomach issues since we’ll be taking a large dose, I want you to have six capsules with a large glass of water, and after dinner, I want you to have another 6, of course, with a large glass of water again.

Breast Cancer

I’m sure that the subject of estrogens and other female hormones is going to be scary because of cancer risks, especially that we are going to create a hormonal imbalance in our bodies.

So, does fenugreek cause breast cancer?

Well, I don’t want you to worry because I have very good news for you:

Fenugreek is one of the best anticancer herbs you can take, and here is what a scientific article under the title: Fenugreek: a naturally occurring edible spice as an anticancer agent says:

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” …extracts of fenugreek seeds and some of their constituents have shown anticarcinogenic potency… produced a 70% inhibition of tumor cell growth when compared to controls… we hypothesize that fenugreek may possess cancer chemoprotective properties… ”

“…In summary, fenugreek seeds possess potent anti-cancer properties….”

Here is a link to the study:

This means one simple thing: fenugreek is one of the most potent anticancer herbs you can take, and it doesn’t cause breast cancer.

Are Phytoestrogens Safe for Male Breast Growth?

Phytoestrogens, when used for male breast growth, do not pose any danger because of a very simple thing: they are everywhere!

Just take a look at the following list of foods from Wikipedia:

  • Lentils
  • Wheat berries
  • Beans
  • Ginseng
  • Wheat germ
  • Anise
  • Yams
  • Fennel
  • Bourbon whiskey!!!!! (Which is the manliest drink if you ask me)
  • Apples
  • Mint
  • Mung beans
  • Coffee
  • Red clover
  • Soybeans and soy products
  • Rice
  • Carrots
  • Barley
  • flaxseeds
  • Rice bran
  • Hops (used in beer making)
  • Pomegranates
  • Beer
  • Oats
  • Sesame seeds

These are some of the most common foods and drink we enjoy on a daily basis, yet, they are loaded with phytoestrogens, the only difference is that fenugreek contains higher levels, especially, diosgenin, which is its main phytoestrogenic compound.

The idea you need to understand here is that phytoestrogens are not dangerous for your body because your system has been dealing with them for thousands of years, it’s not a new chemical compound.

However, taking large amounts of phytoestrogens comes with many side effects.

Fenugreek’s Side Effects for Male Breast Enlargement

These are the most common fenugreek side effects when used for male breast enlargements, most of the time, they are going to disappear after two weeks of daily fenugreek intake.

And for stomach-related side effects, you need to always take your fenugreek after having breakfast and with large amounts of water, a minimum of one cup.

This is the mistake I see men doing all the time; they start consuming fenugreek in large amounts on an empty stomach, soon, they would find themselves feeling nauseous, irritable, and having stomach and intestine issues such as gas and diarrhea.

To avoid these stomach and intestinal issues, you need always to consume your fenugreek after a large meal.

Increased Appetite

Fenugreek intake is going to increase your appetite; this is one of the most common side effects when it comes to male breasts enlargement, most importantly, you need to obey your body, what I mean here is that you want to increase your breasts size naturally, so, you need to give your body the raw materials it needs to achieve this.

This is the reason why a good and balanced diet is one of the best things you can do to increase your breasts size rapidly.

I have already shared in many of my previous posts things to eat in order to get rapid breasts growth, just check the following article:

Breast and Nipple Sensitivity

Since your breasts are going to get engorged with liquids, it’s no wonder sensitivity is going to increase, in fact, I have had many men told me that they liked the sensation a lot.

anyway, it’s up to you, you need to know that your breasts and your nipples are going to become extremely sensitive during the first two weeks of fenugreek intake, this is very normal, and you have nothing to worry about.


In some very rare cases, lactation can occur; in other words, your breasts are going to have liquid discharges.

This is very rare, but it can happen, so, don’t worry, and if they occur often, it can mean one of two things:

  • Your breast growth is too rapid, and you need to lower fenugreek intake, at least by half.
  • The second thing is you are probably taking a prescription drug or a supplement which increases estrogens in your bloodstream, check with your doctor for more information.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Large Fenugreek intake, especially without following a good diet that’s rich in starches, lots of unprocessed carbohydrates, and more importantly, healthy fats and proteins may lead to hypoglycemia, low blood sugar levels.

You can read more about fenugreek’s effects on blood sugar levels through this paid article:

Increased Body Odors

Fenugreek is very famous for its distinctive maple syrup smell.

That’s why when you start taking fenugreek seeds every day, during the first two weeks, your body is going to smell like maple syrup.

It’s not dangerous, and you have nothing to worry about, the only thing you can do is to take daily showers or use a good deodorant as I do.

And now, let’s talk about the next herb you need to start using in order to increase breast growth:

Saw Palmetto for Male Breast Enlargement

Saw palmetto berries

Saw palmetto doesn’t contains phytoestrogens, however, it contains DHT blocking compound which increase male breast growth tremendously, its consumption is also associated with added prostate health and a small improvement in sexual function.

Does saw palmetto increase male breast size?

The answer is absolute yes!

You see, fenugreek is going to increase phytoestrogens in your body which is going to stimulate breast growth, while saw palmetto, on the other hand, is going to lower DHT levels, which is a byproduct of testosterone conversion.

It’s one of the main actors that are inhibiting male breast development, and most importantly, it’s going to have a direct effect on testosterone.

You can read the following study for more information: , where it is clearly stated:

“The present studies show that S.R.E. (saw palmetto) inhibits … receptor binding of androgens (hormones) in cultured human foreskin fibroblasts. As the search for the ideal antiandrogen continues, S.R.E. appears to be a new type of antiandrogenic compound …”

Does Saw Palmetto Lower Testosterone?

Testosterone can stop your efforts when it comes to increasing your male breasts size.

Which needs a precise combination of hormones in your body, this is the reason why we need saw palmetto to decrease the level of testosterone conversion into Dihydrotestosterone, DHT.

Indeed, it’s thanks to this antiandrogenic effect that saw palmetto can help with male breast enlargement so efficiently.

On the one hand, you have fenugreek providing your breast tissue with the necessary phytoestrogens to increase growth, volume and liquids retention for an added breast development.

While on the other hand, you have saw palmetto, through a good massage routine we will discover later on in this post, stopping DHT from lowering the effects of these phytoestrogens and allowing you to fully grow your breasts rapidly and safely.

Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto for Breast Growth

I have shared in some few sections ago how you can use fenugreek to increase male breasts size; now, I’m going to talk about this fantastic herb combined with saw palmetto which is also extremely beneficial for increasing breasts size rapidly, and as mentioned, counteract the effects of testosterone conversion into DHT.

Both fenugreek and saw palmetto are very helpful for male breast enlargement, in fact, I read a very heartbreaking post some weeks ago about a guy who got “man boobs” for ingesting saw palmetto!

However, when taking either saw palmetto supplements or ground berries, one should always be careful and never exceed the recommended amounts which I’m going to show you later on in this post.

Saw Palmetto for Male Breasts Enlargement

Saw palmetto doesn’t have an estrogenic effect; in other words, it doesn’t increase estrogen since it doesn’t contain many phytoestrogens.

This may sound like a surprise to you.

Still, it’s the truth.

Saw palmetto is efficient for male breast growth because it lowers testosterone interaction and reduces its effect on your breast tissue which tend to create more muscles instead of more fat and liquid retention as in women.

This is the reason why you need to use fenugreek and saw palmetto in combination.

The first one is going to give your body the essential phytoestrogens which are going to increase breast growth, while the second is going to lower testosterone conversion into DHT.

which is going to increase phytoestrogens effects on your body.

Saw Palmetto’s Side Effects

As with most herbs, overconsumption of saw palmetto can have negative effects on your body, but in general, if you use it as I’m going to show you in this post, you have nothing to worry about.

The main side effects of using saw palmetto for male breast enlargement are the following:

Dizziness, stomach pain, diarrhea, rash, smelly armpits, lactation, and vomiting, of course, these are only going to happen if you consume more than the recommended amounts.

Saw Palmetto and Sexuality

You may be tempted to think that since saw palmetto interferes with the conversion of testosterone, it may hurt your sex drive.

This is not the case; you need to understand that DHT is only one of the many byproducts of testosterone conversion.

This means that lowering DHT levels is not going to affect your erections, sexual desire, and libido.

These tend to throw off many men who want to increase their breast size, but you shouldn’t, I have questioned over a hundred men who have been using saw palmetto daily and most told me that they didn’t experience a decrease in sex drive and desire.

This goes hand in hand with what the following study found:

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“Results of a separate questionnaire demonstrated that Serenoa repens produced a modest improvement in sexual function score, whereas a deterioration was reported with finasteride….”

According to Wikipedia, Finasteride is a drug under the names Proscar and Propecia which is used to treat an enlarged prostate or hair loss in men.

The word “modest” may not sound too great, but the thing to note in the study, in my opinion, is that although sexual function did not improve by much, it didn’t deteriorate!

How to Use Saw Palmetto for Natural Male Breasts Growth

You should consume at least one teaspoon a day of ground saw palmetto berries or about three large capsules, 585 mg each, they are not only going to help you increase your breasts size and volume quickly.

They are also going to give your body high amount of nutrition, like antioxidants and loads of minerals and vitamins, plus saw palmetto is known for protecting the prostate which is an added benefit if you’re a man.

Male Breast Enlargement Massage Routine

One of the most efficient ways to increase male breast growth is to have a daily massage routine, and here, I’m talking about male breast massage.

This is not only going to increase liquid retention in your breast tissue, but it’s also going to relieve breast and nipple sensitivity tremendously.

While also decreasing the time it takes for saw palmetto and fenugreek to increase your breast size and volume.

From my experience, a good massage routine is probably the most important step you need to take if you’d like to give your breasts a more prominent look and volume and to do so, you should never massage them without using a breast enlargement cream.

Since I have already shared a very powerful breast massage cream recipe in a previous post.

you can find it here: .

I’m going to show you now how to perform a daily massage sequence to gain both volume and firmness:

  1. Apply one teaspoon saw palmetto cream to your left breast
  2. Using the tip of your fingers, in a circular motion, massage from the outside to your nipple for a minimum of thirty seconds
  3. Using the palm of your hand, press gently on your breast for another thirty seconds, this is important to soften your breast tissue and to increase liquid retention
  4. Use a paper cloth to get rid of as much fat as you can
  5. Repeat on your right breast

Please, if you have a question about using fenugreek and saw palmetto for male breast growth, don’t hesitate to post it in the comment section below.

I will be very happy to help you, and if you don’t want people to read your comment, you can send me an email, privately, using the form on the contact me page.