You will learn in this post the proper way to use fenugreek for weight gain.

The good news is that I have personally tested all the techniques here, and I have updated them with the latest scientific research on the subject, they work extremely well for gaining weight, healthy and without side effects.

Here are the main topics we are going to cover in this post:

Fenugreek can be used to gain weight, but it’s not that simple, you have to be careful not to hurt yourself and suffer from its side effects!

Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to do so the right way.

Fenugreek As An Appetite Stimulant

Indeed, fenugreek, methi, is an amazing appetite stimulant, however, there are many speculations surrounding its use for weight gain.

Does Fenugreek Help With Weight Loss Or Weight Gain?

Fenugreek will help you gain weight by increasing your appetite.

Well, it’s a bit difficult to answer because fenugreek is amazing at making people lose weight!

I know that what I’m writing here is going to sound contradictory to the title of this post, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, I’m going to lay down all the details and techniques to help you out gain weight rapidly and safely as well.

Indeed, it’s clearly stated in the following scientific study that fenugreek does not help with weight gain:

Fenugreek is going to help with energy extraction and also increase overall energy consumption, which is going to increase calories burned daily and thus increase weight loss!


Don’t get discouraged yet, fenugreek can also be used for weight gain!

Does Fenugreek Increase Appetite?

I know that what I’m saying right now can seem quite conflicting.

I want your full attention; I will share with you everything I know about using fenugreek for weight gain, trust me, it works, I’m living proof, I have used it.

It’s not only going to increase your appetite, it’s also going to help you gain more muscles, and if you are woman, more curves, which is what most women want, including me when they are trying to increase their weight.

When I was very young, thirteen years old, I was extremely skinny, in fact, not just when I was thirteen years old.

when I was just a little child, I got teased a lot for this, and when I reached puberty, things didn’t change at all, I was still underweight I used to weight about 40 kilograms for 168 centimeters, seventeen years old!

I looked like a teenage boy, I had no boyfriend, and I was teased all the time, especially when I went to public swimming pools or the beach, my so-called friends even nicknamed me “washboard“!

Fast forward, about nine years ago, I wanted to increase my breasts size badly; I was doing okay professionally, and I had a good relationship with my husband.

I wanted to make him happy; more importantly, I wanted to look professional and womanly, and to add more, I was deathly afraid of surgery, and that’s when I started experimenting with different herbs and supplements.

Long story short, I began using fenugreek seeds, and with the right technique, I gained firmness and size in my breasts, but most importantly it came as a side effect, my weight increased by about sixty percent!

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Will Gaining Weight Make Your Breasts Bigger?

Absolutely yes if you are a woman.

After just six months, I weighed 58 kilograms, four months later; I weighed 68 kilograms with a set of beautiful and firm boobs, gorgeous solid buttocks and some curvy hips for the husband to play with.

I’m not going to lie to you, having the right weight will make you feel great about yourself, it will drive your professional career, gives you lots of friends, and most importantly, make the man of your life very happy.

I’m not ashamed to say this, but working on my weight was one of the best steps I have ever taken.

Does Fenugreek Make You Fat?

Whether you take fenugreek or not is not what makes you fat, it’s what you eat on a daily basis! A rich diet, with lots of junk food, will make you fat. A good diet with fenugreek intake will keep your weight balanced and healthy.

After all the things I have written, you may start to think that fenugreek is a very powerful plant, and if you are not cautious enough, it can make you fat, gain too much weight!

You need to understand one very important thing, fenugreek seeds in themselves are not the ones that make you gain weight, it’s what you eat.

What I mean by this is:

Fenugreek seeds are going to increase your appetite if used correctly; then, it’s up to you to eat the right foods, foods that will nourish your body instead of junk food, which are simply going to make you fat while depriving your body of essential nutrients.

So, yes, if you eat junk food while using fenugreek seeds, you are going to become fat; however, if you do as I’m going to show you in this post, you will gain a healthy weight without becoming fat.

How To Use Fenugreek For Weight Gain

The following steps are guaranteed to help you not only gain weight but also gain amazing health and curves if you are a woman:

Start Drinking Your Water

Whenever I consume fenugreek, and I drink a lot of water, my appetite increases a lot!

And it’s not just me, I’ve already told hundreds of women about this, and they have tried it themselves, and they all have reported the same amazing benefit, an increase in their appetite and also lots of weight gain.

I suspect that this has to do with the sopanins found in fenugreek, they are extremely important molecules because they are going to help your stomach work properly and also protect it, saponins are also thought to help with increasing the appetite.

You can read more about these organic molecules here:

However, saponins are difficult to extract, that’s why drinking a lot of water, my hypothesis, tend to make them easier to absorb.

As a rule of thumb, always drink a minimum of half a cup of water when you consume one teaspoon of ground fenugreek seeds.

Does Fenugreek Make You Hungry?

Yes, fenugreek will increase your appetite, which will make you hungry, not all the time, as most people may think, but it stimulates your appetite in a way that you eat more food.

This is especially important if you are not bulking enough weight as it will increase your hunger feeling and make you eat more.

Eat Rich Foods

Avoid eating empty calories, like fried foods and carbohydrates; they are not going to add a lot of weight to your body; they are only going to make you less willing to eat because they are going to provide you with a feeling of satiety!

Trust me; this is not what you are looking for!

Although rich foods such as fast food, fried foods, sugary treats, and processed carbohydrates may contain lots of calories, they are the enemy in terms of gaining weight since when you eat them, they will make you feel full almost immediately.

This idea may seem counterintuitive, but it works, you have to stay away from junk food if you’d like to gain weight.

This used to be my problem in the past, I was a junk food addict, I was all the time munching on snacks, candies, and chocolate bars, I was constipated, suffering from horrible headaches all the time.

Worse, socially awkward because of the way I looked, I was very skinny.

As a rule of thumb, you need to eat foods that are rich in calories and also rich in nutrients, foods that are going to help your body stack proteins into your muscles, and store energy efficiently, gaining weight.

For example, beans, whole grains, potatoes, peanuts, etc. these foods are known to help the body store energy more efficiently and are also extremely healthy.

This is what I have done to gain lots of weight and, more importantly, lots of curves, which is not only very sexy but also extremely comforting and important for your self-esteem and confidence.

How To Take Fenugreek Seeds For Weight Gain

Every day, I started having four teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds, fenugreek powder, with two cups of water.

This is the optimum fenugreek dosage for weight gain, I have given this recipe to hundreds of women, and they all have reported amazing results in less than 30 days.

Of course, never on an empty stomach, I always have some bites of bread or one apple before ingestion my fenugreek seeds.

One word of caution: never take four teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds at once, you will feel nauseous all day long!

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Again, as a rule of thumb, when you wake up, have some food, then take one teaspoon with half a cup of water, and then, after breakfast, have another teaspoon with half a cup of water again.

At lunch, I want you to have one more teaspoon, again, with half a cup of water, and before dinner, you need to have your last teaspoon of ground fenugreek seeds, again, with half a cup of water.

So, when comes breakfast, I would take two tablespoons of peanut butter and spread them on whole-wheat bread.

What I was doing helped me immensely, I was not only consuming fenugreek seeds daily, but I was also adding lots of important nutrients from peanut butter and whole wheat bread to my diet.

After just five weeks, my curves and my weight improved dramatically, I transformed myself into a sexier and more curvy beautiful woman.

Can You Eat Fenugreek Seeds Raw?

I forbid my readers from roasting fenugreek seeds before grinding them because it removes most of their nutritious elements, especially their phytoestrogens, which are amazing for breasts, buttocks, and hips growth.

So, always use ground raw fenugreek seeds.

Can You Eat Fenugreek Seeds Daily?

Absolutely yes, in fact, fenugreek seeds are a staple food in many countries, especially Asia and the Horn of Africa.

For example, in Ethiopia, many daily recipes call for large amounts of fenugreek seeds. If you would like to, you can give this red lentil soup recipe a try, it requires at least one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds, preferably ground:

Fenugreek seeds are also extremely rich in iron; one teaspoon contains 20% of the daily value, and a great source of fiber as well. for more fenugreek nutritional information.

In other words, you have nothing to worry about when ingesting fenugreek seeds daily; however, if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, of course, you are a woman, stay away from fenugreek.

Drink A Lot Of Fenugreek Tea

One of the best ways to get all the goodness of fenugreek is to drink it as a tea; it’s not only very easy, it’s also extremely efficient as fenugreek tea is going to help increase your appetite and is also going to release all the saponins in the seeds easily.

How To Use Fenugreek Tea For Weight Gain

As mentioned before, fenugreek seeds are one of the best ways to gain weight as they increase your appetite and also relax your stomach muscles and rid your intestines of gas, bloating, and constipation, which is a big no-no if you’d like to gain weight.

This is the reason why I have always advised my readers to have at least one cup of fenugreek tea every day, whether they want to increase weight or not and even if they are not thinking of increasing their breast size.

This is a must, and it will increase your weight in just three weeks, of course, with the right diet and while staying away from junk food.

How To Make Fenugreek Tea For Weight Gain

It’s very easy to make fenugreek tea for weight gain, you need the following ingredients:

  1. One teaspoon of ground fenugreek seeds or better yet, one fenugreek tea bag, my favorite brand is ALVITA, they only use organic fenugreek seeds, no leaves, which tend to cause a strong maple syrup odor.
  2. One cup hot water
  3. Two tablespoons organic honey
  4. Optional: you can add a quarter of a teaspoon of ground fennel seeds which are also very powerful for increasing your weight, they will add a fantastic taste to your fenugreek tea and are also very healthy for removing stress from your digestive system and muscles.

Add your fenugreek ground seeds to hot water and stir very well, then let everything brew for a minimum of fifteen minutes, strain everything and then add your two tablespoons of organic honey while stirring very well.


If you don’t like the taste, you can add more honey.

Fenugreek Recipes For Weight Gain

These are two recipes I use all the time when I’m not in the mood to prepare anything; they’re very easy to make. They will add weight to your body very rapidly since they are rich in both proteins and calories, plus these recipes will help you with digestion since they contain a large amount of fiber.

The first one is a banana fenugreek smoothie:

Here are the ingredients you will need:

  1. Two ripe bananas
  2. Two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds
  3. Half a handful of almonds
  4. One tablespoon of ground flaxseeds
  5. Five pitted dates, large
  6. One cup of water or soy milk

Now, put everything in a blender on high for two minutes, this will give you a thick smoothie which, in my case, replaces many breakfasts.

The second recipe is Indian chicken curry, it’s a staple in our home, we make it every week, it does take some time to prepare, trust me, it’s worth every minute you spend on it.

Here is the link with the ingredients and an instructional video on how to make it:

Can You Use Fenugreek Pills For Weight Gain?

Although I’m not a big fan of using fenugreek capsules for weight gain, I don’t like using fenugreek pills that often because most of the brands make fenugreek extracts, not ground fenugreek seeds capsules, which is a huge difference for me.

I have read many reviews on the Internet, and after experimenting with almost two dozen pill brands, 17 brands, to be exact, I know for sure that most do not have decent fenugreek pills.

Nevertheless, from my own experience, Nature’s Way has the best fenugreek pills on the market.

So, let’s go back to using fenugreek pills for weight gain.

They do work; however, they are a little expensive in my opinion since you need to take many to get the same benefits as with ground fenugreek seeds; moreover, fenugreek pills tend to be very heavy on the stomach especially when you consume a lot, as I’m going to show you in some few lines, however, if you drink enough water, and you take them after a large meal, breakfast for example, then, you have nothing to worry about.

The Right Fenugreek Pill Dosage For Weight Gain

From my experience, I have found that taking six 610Mg (each) fenugreek pills a day, spread throughout the day, two with breakfast, two at lunch, and two after dinner, will give the best results in terms of weight gain.

Again, I prefer ground fenugreek seeds since they are cheaper and won’t cause side effects such as bloating or diarrhea if you take too many at once.

Do Fenugreek Sprouts Help With Weight Gain?

Fenugreek sprouts aren’t the best in terms of weight gain! Better use ground fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek sprouts may be very delicious and may also be extremely nutritional; however, in terms of weight gain, they do not work very well; of course, they are much better than other herbs, in my opinion, but they can’t be compared to ground fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek Water For Weight Gain

By fenugreek water, I mean taking clean whole fenugreek seeds and soaking them overnight in water, then, throwing away the soaked fenugreek seeds, and drinking the water.

This is very beneficial if you feel nauseous when you consume ground fenugreek seeds, but to tell you the truth, I have tried it before.

It doesn’t help very well when it comes to increasing weight, and it doesn’t taste nice, plus, you will be wasting amazing nutritional value by throwing away fenugreek seeds.

Better use fenugreek tea if you don’t want to take fenugreek capsules or ground fenugreek seeds, it’s much more nutritious thank fenugreek water since the seeds are ground and will release more nutrients into the hot water.

Saw Palmetto And Fenugreek For Weight Gain

Applying a saw palmetto rich cream on your breast, hips or buttocks will increase their size and firmness, of course, don’t forget to take ground fenugreek seeds.

I have many articles on this website that deal with saw palmetto, especially when it comes to increasing breast size.

Unfortunately, women cannot ingest saw palmetto, whether in pills or ground berries, since it contains high amounts of phytoestrogens which are going to cause different side effects ranging from delayed period to even increased bleeding during menstruation.

If you are a man, you can take saw palmetto pills daily, one a day with fenugreek; it will increase your weight while also reducing hair loss, which is a fantastic side effect if you ask me.

However, for women, as mentioned before, I do not suggest ingesting saw palmetto, this doesn’t mean that you should stay away from it; you can use it, but only topically, as a cream on your skin.

This way, when you apply it on your hips, buttocks, or your breasts, it’s going to increase not only their size, but it’s also going to help with weight gain tremendously.

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But let’s not forget that the big star here is ground fenugreek seeds, they are amazing in terms of weight gain and also in terms of increasing curves in women.

Fenugreek For Hips Enlargement

Since we are talking about curves, let me deal with a very important subject as many women are frustrated with their hips.

Indeed, as mentioned some few lines ago, fenugreek seeds and powder is excellent for hips enlargement; it can also be used for buttocks and breast enhancement.

To increase your hips’ size, you should use the following fenugreek recipe:

Every week, Sunday is my fenugreek massage oil day, I take three tablespoons of ground fenugreek seeds, and I mix them with four tablespoons of olive oil.

I used to prepare this recipe with coconut oil in the past; now, I only use olive oil, don’t get me wrong; coconut oil is also very powerful.

I put everything in the microwave for one minute on high; then, I put it in the fridge for three hours.

Every day, you should take about one teaspoon of this fenugreek oil and massage your hips for three minutes.

Then, wipe with a clean paper towel, it’s preferable to do this before going to bed.

This is a fantastic recipe if you’d like to use fenugreek for hips’ enlargement.

These are the most important steps to prepare and use fenugreek to gain weight; if you have a question, make sure you leave a comment down below.